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Category  : EQUIPPED  Description
Men's Powerlifting WPF Men's Powerlifting Records  
Women's Powerlifting WPF Women's Powerlifting Records
Bench Press WPF Men's & Women's Bench Press Records
Deadlift WPF Men's & Women's Deadlift Records

Category : RAW  Description
Men's Powerlifting  WPF World Record
Women's Powerlifting  WPF World Record
Men's & Women's Bench Press  WPF World Record
Men's & Women's Deadlift  WPF World Record
Men's Powerlifting  EPC European Record
Women's Powerlifting  EPC European Record
Men's & Women's Bench Press  EPC European Record
Men's & Women's Deadlift  EPC European Record
Men's Powerlifting  BPO British Record
Women's Powerlifting  BPO British Record
Men's and Women's Bench Press  BPO British Record
Men's & Women's Deadlift  BPO British Record

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European Records

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Powerlifting - Women
Powerlifting - Men
Benchpress - Women and Men
Deadlift - Women and Men